multi-function digital A3 t shirt printer WER-E1080T

multi-function digital A3 t shirt printer WER-E1080T

Product Description

Printing TechnologyAdvanced micro piezo printing technology, high resolution, and high speed
Ink colors (6 colors)magenta, cyan, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black
Printing speedAdjusted according to the model of precision
Max printing resolution5760 *1440 dpi
Printing interfaceUSB2.0
Max Printing SizeA3+ (329mm*600mm)
Height adjustmentautomation
Temperature Conditions50-95°F
Net /Gross weight60kg / 90kg
WarrantyOne year
Printer/packing size87cm×67cm×63cm/100cm×76cm×72cm
Operation SystemMicrosoft windows98/2000/me/xp/Macintosh
AccessoriesUSB line, software-driven, power lines, product manuals, cleaning and ink adding tools

Product Related Information

Our printers can print on all-color t shirts with good effect, bright color and high resolution.

The best printer for t shirt printing is A3 format 6 colors flatbed printer.

1. print size: 32.9*60cm, enough for all size t shirts.

2. Resolution: optional from 360*360dpi to 5760*1440dpi, the higher the resolution, the lower the print speed.

3. Print speed: costs approx. 2 minutes for a4 size in Photograph Mode.

Cost for printing is very low because the printer is ink-saver, costs only 10ml of ink to print 1 square metre.

Costs for printing 30*30cm picture of all colors t shirts are as follows:

costs for Light & white T-shirt printing: approx. $0.13, total approx. 1ml of color Textile ink.

costs for Dark & black T-shirt printing: approx. $0.85, total approx. 1ml of color Textile ink, 1ml of white ink and 3ml of fixing agent.

1, the print resolution is optional from 360*360dpi to 5760*1440dpi.

2, the minimum Ink Droplet Size is 1.5 Pico liters, the color is very exquisite.

3, we have the most colorful specialized Ink.

4, there is specialized White Ink Software (RIP) for printing if you use white ink, it can adjust color and Inkjet quantity automatically.

Processes of White & Light color t-shirt printing are as follows:

a, you should put t-shirt on the print platform with adapter;

b, print out picture from computer to t-shirt;

c, heat press the t-shirt with Heat Press Machine for approx. 40 sec. To make the t-shirt water proof.

Processes of White & Light color t-shirt printing are as follows:

a, you should spray the Fixing Agent on the surface of where you will print;

b, put t-shirt on the print platform;

c, print out white underpainting with RIP;

d, print out color picture on the white underpainting; e, heat press the t-shirt with Heat Press Machine for approx. 40 sec.

Any materials can be printed. Multicolor printing, no chromatography needed, perfect color transition, alarming printing results. Thickness of 17cm products can be printable with three-dimensional(3D) products printing.

Good choice for the odd-shaped products, exquisite and multicolor printing results.

It accepts printable objects height up to 17cm, weight up to 25KG,diameter of printed cylinder from 2cm to 14cm.

It can directly print on the surface of crystal, wooden, bamboo, metal, stone, leather, PVC, PP, PE, Ceramic tile, Acrylic and so on.

It is very simple to operate this machine. Just normal workers can operate it well after brief training.

Instant image printing. Low cost of printing image, less procedures of production. Stable printing technology, it is good for numbered items or tailor made such as gift field.

Over the time we have incorporated improvement to suit our customers on their feed back and our constant research and development. The third generation of Crystaljet Flatbed machines has made the following improvements over its earlier

counter parts :

Outlook of the flatbed printer with dust free design. The new design reduces the environmental impact on equipment, user friendly design makes the operation more convenient.

Printable object height can be up to 17cm Intelligent Anti scratch printhead system. Ensures the life of printhead last longer which reduces the cost of printing.

This patent for this is under process.

Two levels ink filter system ensures printheads will not be clogged easily. Automatically examines the height of a transparent object. Excellent after sales services, maintenance solution with full range of accessories.

Application areas:

Sign making shop Photo studio or film development shop Screen printing Leather, shoes, clothes, crystal and other crafts & gifts industries Leather, shoes industries All kind of factories of art items with image It is a compliment to screen printing production and heat-transfer industries as it can do some jobs which are very expensive or not possible with the traditional printing.

Gateway Advantages:

1. Professional Gateway company started manufacture the best quality machinse since 1997, we are keep on improving our technology by our own professional engineering team, After those years development and sales, we have collected many maintenance experience.

We always take the leading position in this industry, so we can always offer constant reliable support for you.

2. Cost performance What price, what goods. A reliable and industrial production compliant machine is what we pursuit, we will provide the best quality printers to you. The Top quality machiner is derived from high-quality parts, perfect machine structure design, and also our professional before-sales and after-sales support.

3. Integrity & reputation Our brand have always been getting high praise from all our clients, and our products are welcome worldwide, we have many distributors and sales agents around the world. We are looking forward to build a win-win situation with you.

4. Customer Service We can offer online English service by our skillful and experienced technicians. You are welcome to come to our factory to take the training, we will provide online guild with camera& microphone to help you and your clients, we've detailedly record the videos of how to maintain the machine to the User manual DVD. We'll keep on providing the best service,because"Your satisfaction is our pursuit!"

Perhaps the most familiar example of digital printing is using a desktop inkjet printer. For larger quantities and even better quality, there's commercial digital printing which could be inkjet, laser, or other methods. Digital printing also offers cost-effective print-on-demand and variable data printing.

What is Digital Printing?

Unlike offset printing and other commercial methods that utilize printing plates and presses, digital printing prints directly from the digital file sent to an inkjet, laser, or other type of digital printer.

Digital printing:
can be less expensive and less time-consuming for producing short runs and doing smaller print-on-demand jobs.eliminates the expense of plate-making and setting up the presses.makes it easier and less expensive to make last minute changes to a print job or print multiple variations.file preparation can be less complicated for those unfamiliar with commercial printing methods.may be of slightly less quality than offset printing but the difference is often negligible.

objects, low cost and high profits. Thickness of 230mm can be used within any three-dimensional objects, including glass, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, stone, paper, metal, wood, porcelain, film, flexible material (such as leather and textiles) and other high-resolution digital printing. No chromatography plate
and repeat the process, simple operation and easy maintenance, high-speed printing is fully applicable to industrial mass production. Meet the requirements of large-format printing industry, the largest print size is 330mm ×600mm. Using a CISS (continues ink supply system), 70ml of each color for the high-capacity cartridges. To avoid frequent replacement due to ink affect printing efficiency, while printing costs to a minimum. 8 color pigment ink waterproof, clear perfect print quality (up to 5760dpi×1440dpi), structured, all visible color, no color case, color mixing phenomenon, the quality of non-heat transfer, screen printing and other traditional crafts comparable. Ultra-low production costs, compared to existing thermal transfer process.

Ten advantages and selling points are:

1,Low cost printing can significantly reduce product special printing costs.
2,Print speed, simple and clear, no staff dependency.
3,The Epson print head, image quality, color fidelity.
4,Facilitate the production process, large quantities.
5,For any materials, print materials.
6,Stability, solves many of the shortcomings of existing flatbed printer.
7,After-sales service to ensure coefficient, uses modular accessories.
8,My company is the largest, the largest universal printer manufacturers.
9,Our product range is the universal printer, model most complete manufacturers.
10,Our products are applied for 11 national patents, quality guaranteed direct printing, no plate, an image, low cost, fast printing results never fade, scratch can not afford to, water, environmental protection. 50-80% lower than the traditional cost of printing, small investment profit.

Quick Details

Type: Inkjet Printer
Condition: New
Plate Type: Flatbed Printer
Place of Origin: shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:WER
Usage:Paper Printer
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Color & Page: Multicolor
Gross Power: 220V/110V
Dimensions(L*W*H): 100cm*76cm*72cm
Name: Multi-function digital A3 t shirt printer
Printing Technology:Advanced micro piezo printing technology
Ink colors (6 colors): magenta, cyan, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, black
Printing speed: Adjusted according to the model of precision
Max printing resolution:5760 *1440 dpi
Printing interface: USB2.0
Max Printing Size: A3+ (329mm*600mm)
Temperature Conditions: 50-95℉
Warranty: One year
Net /Gross weight: 60kg / 90kg