WER-E1802T 1.8m direct to textile printer with 2*DX5 sublimation printer

WER-E1802T 1.8m direct to textile printer with 2*DX5 sublimation printer


Innovation to make you more profitable

Shanghai WER large format roll to roll direct to textile printers have played an instrumental role in leading the analog to digital revolution. From the instruction of first small size Desktop and Flatbed T-shirt printer to the latest large format roll to roll textile printers, WER printers continue to expand the possibilities of digital print. Today, our integrated system will help your business reach new levels of competitiveness, profitability and growth.

Step up to WER large format roll to roll textile printer printing and capture more of your customers’ high-margin print jobs with true 1440dpi image quality, direct printing to cotton and mixed textiles, and production speeds up to 30 sq/hr.

1.Original EPSON printhead,which can meet the demand? of various printing works

2.Large capacity of ink cartridges,For a more efficiency work,saving 35% time.

3.Direct sublimation ink printing system,This new technology allows customers to Print on medias directly with our professional direct printing sublimation ink


Specifications Of Epson E1802T Roll To Roll UV Printer

Printer ModelWER-EP1802T
Print TechnologyDrop-On-Demand Piezo electric Technology
Number of print-heads2 pcs Epson DX5
Nozzles4* 4 color ( C M Y K )
Ink typeSublimation ink print on the media directly
Ink supplying systemAuto sense ink supplying system
Intelligent monitoring systemAuto detecting system while lacking ink
Heating & dryingHeating systemEquipped
Heating temperatureavailable: Normal temperature----25°C
suggest temperature: 30°C-------40°C
Drying systemEquipped
Media accetpableWeave or knit cotton, dacron, flax, silk, polyester, cashmere, towel etc.
Print width max1800MM
SpeedMass production mode30.0m2/h
Quality mode22.0m2/h
Ultra quality mode15.0m2/h
Print-head cleaning systemAutomatic cleaning & auto capping system
RIP SoftwareMaintop or Photoprint
Power supplyAc220V 50/60Hz
Working environmentTemperature: 20℃~32℃; Humidity: 40%~60%
Machine dimension2860mm*800mm*1250mm
Packing dimension3250mm*600mm*770mm/ 3000mm*900mm*1550mm


Multi-functional printing

1. Heavy duty roller driving structure, film and durable body, operating with high resolution, and long service life.
2. Adopts double epson print head, print maximum width up to 1800mm, print speed 35 square meters per hour
3. 4colors (C,M,Y,K) printing with 1440dpi reach perfect printing.
4. The output image is non-fading, water proof and scratch proof.
5. Acceptable Material: Leather, Wallpaper, Self-adhesive paper, PVC, Mesh fabric, flex banner, Vinyl, coated paper, non-woven paper, pp paper, high glossy photo paper, backlit film, etc.

Direct sublimation printing system

With our professional direct sublimation printing ink, customers do not need to print product with old-fashioned heat transfer sublimation technology. Which takes too much time and printing cost in the past, all you need is to enjoy the faster speed of our direct printing technology.

Automatic heating system built-inside

One key heating system can speed up your printing process, and save labor cost at the same time.

Advanced Media Take-Up System

WER-E1802T includes an automated media take-up system to facilitate precision unattended printing when using roll media. This pre-assembled unit includes an advanced tension-controlled take-up system for optimum media feed and tracking.


Traditional screen printing processes for decorating, coating and finishing textiles waste materials and energy. High set-up costs and long make-ready times make short production runs uneconomically, while the complex design implementation process makes new product introduction times lengthy. Traditional techniques are also limited in the range of colours available on a single print.

Benefits of digital inkjet textile printing

Textile printing solutions are available for printing fashion, interior, outdoor and technical textiles

Low set-up and running costs enable you to print economically at all run lengths, greatly reducing inventory requirements

Fast introduction of new designs reduces time to market, keeping you ahead of the competition

Detailed prints with a wide range of vibrant colours increases product quality

Variable image printing and personalisation opens up new product possibilities

Materials can be deposited in precise quantities, greatly reducing ink, water and energy usage

Functionalities, including coatings and active materials, can be applied more efficiently than with conventional methods

The canvas

Canvas is a kind of relatively thick cotton or linen fabric, use plain weave, more commonly a few with twill weave, warp/weft yarn with more shares. Canvas usually called rough canvas and thin canvas two kinds. Thin canvas for labor protection clothing and supplies, after dyeing or printing, also can be used as a shoe, bags fabrics, handbags, backpacks, table cloth, table cloth and so on.


1PrintheadPcsVulnerable partsPhysical resolution control
2Ink damperPcsVulnerable partsInk filter
3Ink tubemInk transfer
4WiperPcsVulnerable partsScrape the waste ink
5Ink cap topPcsVulnerable partsPrinthead moisturizing
6SyringePcsAbsorb ink when the ink tube is empty
7Power cablePcsPower supply
8Printhead data cablePcsVulnerable partsPrinthead data transfer
9Short motor beltPcsMotor drive
10Raster stripPcsVulnerable partsPrinting calibration calculation
11Drag chainPcsPrintheadhead position transfer
12USB cablemComputer connection with printer
13Sensor readerPcsSensor control
14Ink cartridgePcsStore ink
15MainboardPcsPrinter data control
16Head BoardPcsInput & output board
17Y motorPcsY drive control
18220 Power supplyPcsPower supply
19X motorPcsX drive control

Price description
For the above items, there are some consumable parts(like printheads)and some Non vulnerable parts, so WER company just offered some of the prices as reference. If you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales staff.

1Ink Tank500ml4
2Ink damperStandard2
4Copper Capsmall4
5Copper Capbig4
6Quick Connector4mm10sets
7Power cable3
8Driver software1
10Ink tube3.82m
11Ink tube2.82m
12Ink cap top2
13Ink pump2
14Printhead data cable2
15Raster strip1
16Swab rod3
17Y shape three direct links1 package


1.Do not insert the printhead cable in a wrong position, in case of nozzle burn out.

2.In case of a sudden carriage crash, you should avoid nothing to stop the printhead carriage.

3.Be careful when you refill the inks, you should use a funnel to add in case that ink falls on the ground.

4.Printhead cleaning solution should be used when cleaning, in case of the printhead clogging.

5.Before operating the machine, you should read the instruction first, in order to avoid improper operation.