WER-EH4880UV A2 single head 4880 UV LED flatbed printer

WER-EH4880UV A2 single head 4880 UV LED flatbed printer


Precision printing,faster speed,and reasonable price

Building on the success of the WER A2 desktop uv printer, WER-EH4880 UV flatbed printer offers all the benefits of original epson 4880 printer. WER-EH4880 UV LED flatbed printer is equipped with LCD operation panel, auto cleaning function, vacuum suction platform, auto height adjustment.

Multi-function and perfect industrial design

With the capability to print into thick substrates, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally suited for applications such as phone case, promotional items, signs, pens, ceramic, glass and metal decorative panels and more. Its maximum printing size is 420mm*1200mm, which is enough to fit into most sign and graphic print shops. White, clear and color inks are available.

Distinguishing Features

Original EPSON DX5 F186000,                              Vaccum suction platform                 Media height adjuster, CISS system

which can meet the demand                              Which can hold the soft material                 built inside to keep pace with

of various printing works                                           tightly when printing                                   high-speed production


Specifications Of Epson EH4880 A2 Dual Head UV LED Flatbed Printer

Printer ModelWER-EH4880UV
Printing methodDrop on Demand ( non-contact micro piezoelectric ink-jet printing technology; micropiezoelectric printing technology; VSDT; intellingent nozzle cloggingsensor system ). 180nozzle/color*8; VSDT.
Head typeOne Epson DX5 head
Height of print head1.2mm/2.8mm above media, adjustable
Max Printing size16.5"47.3" (42*120cm)
Accteptable media width43cm
Material's Height1cm~15cm adjustable
Printing resolution2880*1440dpi
Ink TypeUV Curing ink
Media sensorTable moving
Ink Supply MethodIndependent continous ink supply systerm
Printing SpeedStandard quality17 m2/H
High quality10 m2/H
Ultra quality8 m2/H
Lamp typeLED Lamp ( saving energy and environmental friendly )
LanguagesEnglish, Chinese
Applicable IndustryRigid PVC board, glass, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, special paper,
metal, wood, porcelain, PVC, ABS, acrylic, aluminum, iron sheet, ceramic tile,
glass, marble, granite, paperboard etc
Power consumption136W/Hour.
Ink consumption10ML/SQM.
Auto adjustment functionNozzle automatic detection;print head automatic aligning
Height adjustmentAuto Sensor
Normal working environmentTemperature 10-35Celsius Humidity 20-80RH
Power/ VoltageAbout 75W / 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Operational softwarePhotoprint 10th Edition , Ultraprint (Window XP Or Window 7)
Machine confiaurationUSB line; driving software; power line; instruction book; washing and ink-joiner tool
Operation systemAcro RIP Software and Ultraprint for Windows XP or Windows 7
RIP softwareAcro RIP Pro(White)for Flatbed Printer Ver8.2.3
Media feeding systemAuto or Manual


Packing & Delivery:
Gross weight200 KGs
Packing Size202*95*135cm
MOQ1 set
Delivery7 working days after receiving the deposit

Substrate for printing

EH4880UV,UV PRINTING is one of our newest products into the market with the following features:
1.White UV ink creates a very opaque image, allowing you to print vibrant colors onto virtually any colored or transparent substrate with 3D textured result.
2. EH4880UV has small format flatbed printers which is producing direct print onto ceramic, transparent glass,acrylic, plastic,and flexible vinyl materials even with 3D textured printing result.
3. The printing is drying as well as printing and you get ready and perfect products immediately after printing.
4. Photo printing quality. Equipped with EPSON printer head DX5 ,the BR UV direct printing system realize the real photo printing quality with 2880*1440DPI.
5. Long durability after printing. Applied with the USA UV lamp and UV ink technology,BR UV direct printing system is full of best combination between the UV lamp wave length and ink characteristics to ensure the best printing quality.
6. Easy operation. Based on Epson printing system, UV direct printing system is maximizing the advantage of EPSON printers.And the operation is just like office EPSON printer.
7. Low printing cost. UV direct printing system is with CISS printing systems with most economical cost in terms of consumables.
8. Low cost for maintenance and spare parts.

Main parameters

1.Easy white printing with easy operation.
2.3D textured printing result onto any substrate from transparent glass/acrylic to dark ceramics. Advanced RIP printing. Compatible with JPEG, PDF, EPS,etc format directly.
3.Photo printing quality up to 2880*1440DPI.
4.Wide applications from Signage,Name badges and photo IDs,Plaques and awards and Customized promotional items to much more.
5.Affordable cost for UV printers.
6. All applications working sizes. 42*120cm.
7.Refillable ink cartridges. We apply the continuous ink supply systems and we can just refill the inks when necessary.
8. Long durability after printing. Water/sunshine,etc proof.

General View:

EH4880UV UV flatbed printing system is orientated for covering all applications including signage, in/outdoor decorative industry,promotional items, awards, labeling industry, etc.

Applying the golden DX5 printer head with 8 champers in 1440 nozzles, EH4880UV flatbed printing system can print on any materials with vivid and accurate effect.

Installed with UV newest control Software, EH4880UV flatbed printing system is the first model which can realize simultaneous white ink and colorful ink printing. What's more, the operator can easily arrange and fix the printing position/ size/ printing speed/ink channels/ink limit/white ink print/printing area and printing result in few steps.

Using our professional and unique UV inks, the printer works more smoothly and less daily maintenance is needed., as a result of this, head clogging is prevented, the color can be printed alike the real image, also pure white color is realized.

Advantage Top:

EH4880UV flatbed printing system is a large format in size and also have a high precision in accuracy printer which can print tiny letters readable. Vivid color and white ink supporting can ensure the printer to be used in unique and professional applications, above from this , with 3D texture effect it can print a sleek surface into an embossment, thus the art value of the goods is enhanced. Since put into the market in 2012, EH4880UV flatbed printing system has been served in the area of awards, out/indoor signage, wood, ceramic tile, home decoration etc.

Popular applications

As the low cost and daily used goods as hard materials printing like plastic, wood, acrylic, metal, glass, crystal, leather etc... it's always widely used as a free promotional gift in exhibitions, promotional activities, enterprise stationery. etc

Customized pen printers allow to print photo quality, multi-colors photos, logos and text directly on various products, imported inks ensure the long ink durability and scratch resistance. UV LED ink can print all colors of materials with white ink.

Lighting features:

1. Touchable colors: 3D textured printing onto any materials; Not only read the color but feel the color by fingers.
2. Ideal printing process: White and color printing simultaneously and seamlessly.
3. Anything to print: Compatible for hard rigid substrates and flexible materials without cracking.
4. Whatever you see, whatever you print:C, M, Y, K four colors produces all colors and gradients of real picture.
5. Unbelievable Low ink cost: refillable CISS ink system saving more than 50% ink cost.
6. LED automatic substrates sensor system avoid the strikes of the printhead.
7. Offer printing ready while waiting service is benefited by the instant dry during the printing.
8. Easy leave: Automatic ink system cleaning by time setting prevent head clog
9. Permanent ink chips avoid frequent resetting.
10. Longevous machine: Long life of UV lamp up to 10,000 working hours, advanced build quality ensure industrial continuous printing.
11. Quietly working without any noise in working place.
12. Glossy effect: optional varnish/ Clear printing provides glossy effect possibility.